The Pool

Right between “Fleur de Lys” and the Ocean lays a swimming pool with a waterfall.  It’s surrounded by a deck overlooking the sea and offering a wonderful coexistence between freshwater and seawater... Details...

Our Rooms

The rooms vary in size, with rustic decor, hot water, cold water and guaranteed air conditioning; A breathtaking Ocean view from the edge of Port-Salut to that of Tiburon with a gleaming skyline unfolding on 180°... Details...

Our Resto-Bars

The "Pelican", decoration of the soil, plunges its pillars in the sea as if to seek the help of the ocean in the delectation of visitors. The “Fleur de Lys” is half rustic half modern; in addition to a stunning blend of color it has two water fronts, one on the pool and one on the ocean from Details...


One does not come all the way to Port-Salut at "Lebouknier" to get bored.  A game’s room containing a Pool table, a Ping-Pong table and a Foosball table often keeps the younger ones entertained late at night... Details...

Beach View

Many visitors take their trip in search of intense contact with the ocean; "LeBouKnier" is the right address. The sea appeals to you from everywhere:... Details...

Beach Activities

"LeBouKnier" offers four types of activities for the pleasures of the sea... Details...
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Welcome to Le Bouknier Beach Hotel in Port-Salut, Haiti

Haiti, one of the first tourist hot spots of the Caribbean, revives a past of glory and success in the World Tourist Development.  Lush, rugged with a fauna of unparalleled richness, this appealing small country in the Caribbean is a source of inspiration for nature lovers.

At about 200 km southwest of Port-au-Prince and 24 km from the city of Les Cayes, the Southern Metropolis, stands Port-Salut a corner of beauty sung by all those who discover it for its beautiful beach, its vegetation, its cleanliness as well as the warmth and simplicity of its population.

"I could never have imagined that in Haiti there is a corner like Port-Salut" commented a Haitian in the Diaspora on a visit to Port-Salut. In fact, this corner of fascination seems to be taking on its shoulders the heavy responsibility of awakening the Haitian National Tourism.

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